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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

What happens on May 12th? We open for the iconic Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA that's what! The show is part of their 50th anniversary tour and Susan Cattaneo and Jim Henry are on board too! Tickets are available at the Northampton Box Office and online at


What's next?

As many of you know, our dark-haired Lily, Katie Clarke played her final concert with the Lilies on New Year's Eve. So it's a time of transition for us remaining Lilies as we look for a replacement for Katie (though she is irreplaceable). We'll be taking a little break from touring in January and February. Come March we'll hit the road again and perform a series of concerts with special guest artists playing the role of the "alto Lily" including Susan Cattaneo and Jim Henry. Visit our tour page to get the scoop on each show.


The year in photos: 2015

Enjoy this slideshow of our adventures in 2015. There were so many wonderful moments, so many gracious concert hosts and fun-loving audiences, and so many inspiring musicians who played with us. We are especially grateful to all of you who helped make our new album Knockout Rose a reality. We wish you all a music and laughter-filled healthy, happy new year!


Knockout Rose Round Up

Knockout Rose made appearances on some "best of 2015" lists including WAMC's Wanda Fischer's favorite albums of 2015, KVMR's John Rumsey's top ten albums of 2015, WGDR's Mark Michaelis' fave releases of 2015, and WVIA's George Graham's best albums of 2015. Plus our cover of Fred Eaglesmith's Freight Train made this cool list from Cover Lay Down of the year's best Coverfolk singles.

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Knockout Rose, the new album from The Boxcar Lilies is available at:

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What do you get when you combine beautiful images created by photographer Erik Hoffner with the title track to our new album? The Knockout Rose lyric video!

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